Seeking sponsors–Plus, great things coming for the Market!

 At the Rexburg Farmer’s Market this year we have been thinking of more ways to involve the community. We are planning some great events plus hoping to get a group called “Market Kids” going, as a way to educate and involve the kids a little more in our weekly markets.  More information will be following in the next few weeks about “Market Kids”.
We, as a market, are trying to purchase a small building to hold our market owned-supplies, increase our marketing reach, and are hoping to get to accept food stamps this year. That all takes funds.
We’re looking for local businesses or entrepreneurs who might be interested in sponsoring the market.  By the way, if you think this sponsorship might work for a company you are employed at, let us know, we would be happy to approach the advertising director.
One thing we would like to do is to create recyclable market bags with our logo on it to remind people to shop at the Rexburg Farmer’s Market. We would love to include your company’s logo on that bag showing your support of the market.  We will also help you maintain an online presence with links and social media.
One event we are exploring is featuring a different company each week during the market. As a gold or silver level sponsor, on your week, you could show up and set up a booth for no extra fees. You could pass out prizes, gift cards, brochures, business cards, educate people, do a hands on activity, or whatever you decide might help advertise your business. We want to show off the wonderful people who support us.We would love your financial support as we gear up to start this season of the 2013 Rexburg Farmer’s Market, and hope you will join us in this adventure.  We aren’t just asking for charity donations, we want to do something in return.  We are looking for anything from $100 to about $1500 sponsorships.   The following will show what each level of sponsorship will include:
Tiered sponsorship commitment and money due before May 28, 2013
Tiered sponsorship commitment and money due before May 28, 2013. Click on the image to see it more clearly.
Please let me know if you have any questions or if you or your associated company might be interested in this advertising opportunity. (Exchanging links is always good.)

Thanks for your time and your help, we look forward to hearing from you!

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