Monthly Archives: October 2012

4th Annual Harvest Festival — Friday, Oct. 12

Join us tonight at the market for our annual Harvest Festival celebrating the last night of the market.  There will be free pumpkin decorating for the kids and market giveaways all night.  We also have a great lineup of live entertainment tonight including the cast of Deep Love: A Ghostly Folk Opera, the Betty’s (it was too cold last week) & Ron Ferguson.

Don’t miss your last chance to stock up on local produce like winter squash, onions, potatoes, carrots, beets, apples, and more.  There is also a huge selection of pumpkins at great prices starting with mini pumpkins 4 for $1.

See you there!

Fresh at the Market — Friday, Oct. 5

At long last the Hicks family will be at the market with their LOCAL HONEY this Friday, Oct. 5!  They were hoping to be there last week but just couldn’t make it.  Stop by and pick some up, it’s sure to go quick!

Also Fresh at the market, Pumpkins winter squash,sweet corn, onions, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, beets, potatoes, summer squash,  cucumbers, apples, potatoes, and if the frost doesn’t get them there may be some strawberries and raspberries.  Don’t forget the market also features raw milk, free range eggs, and naturally produced chicken, turkey, and pork as well as lots of other specialty foods and handmade goods.

Jenny Porter, Shauna Williams, & Colleen Crystal

We’ll also be lucky to hear from these lovely ladies, known as The Betty’s, they’ll be performing at the 6:00.  See you there!